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Rehabs in Baltimore

Rehabs in Baltimore

Located in the very center of Maryland, Baltimore County is home to over 827,000 people. After Prince George’s County, it is one of the most populous ones in the state. Baltimore County has a diverse economy, with a specific concentration on education and health care. 

Healthcare is one of the most essential and ongoing issues. Special attention is paid to Baltimore rehabilitation centers, as drug and alcohol abuse seems to be a major problem. 


Throughout Maryland, Baltimore perhaps has the most cases of overdose deaths. There were 1,044 overdose deaths in 2015-2017. The opioid crisis touched almost every household. This number is huge, thus prompting authorities to take definite steps toward a solution to the problem.  It goes without saying how important rehab centers are for the residents. 

As for more recent numbers, in the first half of 2021, there were 1,358 confirmed cases of intoxication deaths. The cases involve all kinds of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this number is 0,5% higher than the same period of 2020. Thus, the cases of substance abuse are constantly rising in spite of the measures taken by the government. If still in 2011, the number of fatal overdoses was 671, today that number has tripled to 2,799 annual cases. 

The 2021 reports from all the 24 jurisdictions are not proportioned. In fact, there is a significant difference between different locations. For instance, to the 485 Baltimore overdose deaths, Montgomery registered 60 and Harford 44 respectively.  

Rehabilitation Programs 

The statistics introduced above show just how Baltimore rehab clinics are needed. However, people who really need professional help, do not accept it. And this denial is one of the reasons that lead to overdoses. 

Another problem is, that even those who decide to receive treatment, do not fully imagine how it works and what results they will register. 

Substance addiction issues are serious, and no one can really estimate how long it will take for that particular patient to recover. Anyway, most of the programs are designed for 30 days. There are also longer programs that can last months. This depends, of course, on the progress that the patient shows. 


Almost everywhere the treatment starts with detox and assessment. These are the first two important steps of the process that, in reality, also determine the final success. Special detox groups are formed to work with each person individually. Generally, the individual approach is very important, and for each client, the approach can be different to generate a positive result.  

Based on research and data, clients need to be under special healthcare for a period of at least three months to face real results. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab 

Commonly there are inpatient and outpatient treatment options in the county.

If some patients can benefit only from the inpatient type, others may show better advancement under outpatient help. Thus, this is totally individual. The type of help should be determined by a group of specialists, taking into consideration the patient’s needs. 

There are also mixed help types when the patient receives treatment both in the hospital and at home. 

Help Programs 

After detox and initial assessment, specialists create a special plan. The plan generally includes the following approaches: 

  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral 
  • Physical

The plan is discussed with all the concerned parties, and only after their approval, it is put into practice. Discharge is another important stage. It is essential to determine when the person will be ready to go back to normal life. It is the therapist’s responsibility to determine whether the person is ready to go back to work. 


The costs of centers vary drastically. They depend on the program type, location, center type, etc. Many luxurious rehabs offer extra services. Thus, the prices are also high. Mostly, inpatient rehab is more costly as compared to outpatient programs. 

The daily cost is:

  • Inpatient - $200 - $900
  • Outpatient - $100 - $500

The detox program is calculated separately and is about $600-$1,000 per day.

Of course, the charges are quite high, however, health is above anything. Besides, think about how much money an addiction can cost.