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Rehabs in Frederick

Rehabs in Frederick

Frederick is a city in Maryland. The county is located in the northern part of Maryland. It is an ideal place for family-friendly activities. You can find various wineries, antique shops, and fun attractions here. 

About 72K people enjoy the beauty of the city of Frederick. Consequently, having such a large population makes the city vulnerable to chemical misuse. 

In the United States, substance abuse of alcohol costs about 500 billion dollars in health care and crime per year. This also refers to illegal drugs. According to the New York Times, the number of deaths caused by narcotic misuse is growing day by day. 

The situation may seem desperate. On the other hand, there is always hope. If you or your relatives are experiencing substance dependence, you should seek help. Rehabs in Frederick, Maryland offer full-service recovery for addiction in a secure environment. You can also apply in case of other related problems. 


Assessments and evaluations are useful tools for those who want to change their unhealthy lifestyles. Moreover, they help to define practical ways of recovery and set treatment goals. In addition, they also provide helpful information. The latter helps to prevent overdose or addiction.

Like in the state of Illinois, evaluations consist of two steps: 

  • Screening
  • Assessment

During the screening, the experts find out whether there is a problem or not. Afterward, during the assessment, they define the nature of the issue. Then, the professionals will make a diagnosis. The professionals also take into account the person’s health history. They examine the way addiction affects their life as well. 

Types of Rehabs 

In this state, there are several rehabilitation centers. In addition, each of them has various disciplines. Below you can find some of the establishments that operate in Frederick. Indeed, there are several other organizations that offer rehab services. 

Frederick County Health Department Adolescent & Adult Substance Abuse Services 

This establishment is the first step for people who suffer from drug dependence. You should apply if you want to receive recovery therapies. It provides clinical aid for those who have recovery needs. Services are both for adults and teens. That is to say, anyone with dependency is eligible. Moreover, all programs are free. 

To make an appointment, you should call (301) 600-1775. 

Crossroads Center of Frederick 

This organization assists people who struggle with dependency. In addition, the team of the center will help you regain your wellness. Crossroads Center of Frederick offers programs such as: 

  • Individual therapy 
  • Relationship and family recovery
  • Group therapies
  • Community recovery connections

You should contact the administration at 301- 696- 1950. 

Serenity Treatment Center, Inc. 

The Serenity Treatment Center ensures quality outpatient rehabilitation for substance dependence. Moreover, it assists individuals and families recover from alcohol and drug use disorder. The institution secures high-quality treatment with low-cost programs. You can learn more at (301) 898- 2627. 

Luxury Rehabs 

Luxury rehabs are recovery centers that provide premium conditions. Most of them are resort-like establishments. Furthermore, they provide all standard services to their patients. However, these facilities also include additional support and a special lookout. As it is already obvious, the cost of luxury rehabilitation establishments is quite high. 


There are two types of therapy providers: 

  • State-funded sector
  • Private sector

Both of these options can be used with private health insurance. Along with insurance, you might also have financial aid. To put it another way, there might be a third party who would be ready to help you recover. 

Treatment Pprograms for Teens 

There are special programs that are offered only for teens dealing with dependency. Forcing your teen to start their rehabilitation process is never a good idea. It is important to build strong bonds between you and your child to make them trust the process. Most importantly, you should ask questions about their situation. Topics about their views and thoughts are also essential. In addition, you should discuss ways of solutions. Also, giving importance to drug education is crucial.